They are born between dimensions.

They inhabit the places between the 'real world' and imagination.

They are your new friends, waiting to be invited

out to play.




These watercolour and ink paintings are available for sale. The original works are individually priced - just click on the image to find out more.  

Limited edition prints of the creatures and beings are now available to purchase by request. Each one will be printed on high-quality watercolour paper and will be individually altered with additional touches of paint and pen to make each print one-of-a-kind. Choose from A3 (£100)or A4 size (£75) plus P&P. 

If you'd like to place and order and add someone new to your collection, please send an email message via the Contact page. U.K. and international shipping are available.

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Herbert Snozzlebirt Wondered if it was T

Watercolour and ink on paper. £200